As you probably heard: Avanan has been acquired by Check Point Software Technologies. Together with Check Point, our product and vision will only get better.

We believe this will be an incredible step for our customers. The Avanan and Check Point joint offering gives far more capabilities that we will soon be integrating to improve our scanning and advanced detection.

How will things get even better? Here's how:

Best Email Security Solution—Now Better

Our goal from the beginning has been to provide the best email security solution in the market. We've achieved this goal, as demonstrated by our growth. The acquisition by Check Point allows us to add drastic improvements to the product in terms of advanced prevention in securing email.

Global Presence

Check Point has a global presence. 100,000 customers. 5,400 employees. 88 countries. Four 24/7 support centers with 800 professionals. This unique infrastructure will help us improve our product, support our customers and continue global growth. Our mission to reinvent how organizations secure their email and collaboration suites will not change. These resources will help us expand globally and make our vision come true faster than we would have achieved alone.

Validation of Protect Over Respond

This acquisition validates our approach and leadership in this space. Specifically, it validates our joint methods: it is better to protect than to respond. Being able to secure email inline via APIs was a key in their decision to make this commitment. Without our demonstrable leadership in email security and without the ability to be inline, Check Point would never have selected Avanan to lead their email security arm.

Technology Upgrades

The most exciting addition will come from the technical side. The biggest change that customers will see is access to enjoy a broader and complete product set and service experience. Specifically:

  • We'll add about 40% more engineers based on Check Point's cyber security experts with relevant email security knowledge. They will join our group, already possessing the relevant subject-matter expertise. We plan to triple the Support and Customer Success teams with engineers dedicated solely to email security and more.
  • Check Point Software's unparalleled security capabilities and threat intelligence includes approximately 60 detection engines, all feeding ThreatCloud, a vast repository of reputation and cross-correlated signals from one of the largest deployments of security tools inside Firewalls, endpoints, mobile devices, almost everything—and now email.
  • Soon after the acquisition, we will start enabling Check Point's Sandblast and other malware analysis capabilities, URL analysis and reputation and more. All in addition to the Avanan layers you already have.
  • SmartPhish is going to leverage ThreatCloud to add more indicators into our AI and provide more context and reputation data in our security events.

Bottom Line

Our dedication to going above and beyond in providing you with the best solution and service will never change. And our mission to provide the best security for email and collaboration suites continues full steam ahead. 

This is just the beginning.