The majority of ransomware and malware starts with phishing. In fact, according to Check Point, more than 70% of malicious email attachments or links were sent via PDF or through Microsoft Office.

Receiving or forwarding a malicious file can wreak havoc on an organization.

That's where Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) comes in. CDR works by removing any executable content, making the file safe for the recipient. It protects the end-user from zero-day threats and does so instantly.

CDR breaks down files into their discrete components, strips away anything that doesn't conform to that file type's original specification, and rebuilds a "clean" version that continues on to the intended destination. This real-time process removes zero-day malware and exploits while avoiding the negative business productivity impact that is typically caused by sandbox detonation and quarantine delays. 

According to Gartner, CDR is one of the essential items of any email security solution.

Unfortunately, not all API-based solutions have this feature. In fact, not all Secure Email Gateways have this feature.

By deploying CDR with Avanan, your organization can protect your users from malicious file delivery and do so without hampering employee productivity.

Files can be major weapons in the phishing and ransomware war. With Avanan, unlike some other solutions, you can be protected against executive documents without losing productivity.

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