It's bad for business to have a data breach or leak.

Beyond the reputational damages, there are serious monetary damages.

According to a report from IBM, the average total cost of a data breach has increased by nearly 10%, rising from $3.86 million in 2020 to $4.24 million in 2021. 

Beyond that, the cost of not having a data loss protection program in place is staggering. Consider, according to the report:

  • It takes an average of 287 days to contain a breach
  • Accidental data loss takes 200 days to identify
  • Without automation and AI deployed, the average cost of a breach is $6.71 million. With it, average data breaches cost 80% less 
  • Compromised credentials were responsible for 20% of breaches

Without data loss protection, your organization is at risk for serious losses.

Many API-based solutions do not have data loss protection. That means that organizations either have to without it or purchase a separate solution.

Avanan's all-in-one solution provides DLP scanning on emails, attachments, files, and other collaboration apps like Teams

Avanan leverages the industry's most advanced tools to identify and mark files containing confidential, financial, and personally identifiable information, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, and bank routing numbers. When necessary, Avanan adds a -classified suffix to the end of confidential messages or files.

Avanan uses cloud-native controls to enforce granular share policies for individual files or folders based upon its contents and context. Files can be deleted, quarantined, or encrypted before they become security incidents.

Choose which types of activity to monitor, such as PII or PHI. Select which action to take, whether it's blocking the email entirely or encrypting it for an authorized user. See all matches and activities on the Avanan dashboard.

With email security that reduces phishing reaching the inbox by 99.2%, Avanan is the best way to keep your organization safe from a data breach. Consider the case of the City and County of San Francisco. Within days of deploying Avanan's DLP, the City saw a 30% improvement in the use of data encryption. 

If you use an API-based solution, it needs to have DLP built-in. 

That's what you get with Avanan.

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