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Gil Friedrich

Gil Friedrich


How Avanan Catches Phishing That Others Miss

Why does conventional email security fail to catch some sophisticated impersonation, spear phishing, credential harvesting, and malware? The rapid adoption of the cloud email has d...

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Avanan Raises $25 million to Revolutionize How Businesses Secure SaaS Email and Collaboration

View on Business Wire NEW YORK - December 14, 2018 –  Avanan, an enterprise security provider for SaaS based email and collaboration platforms, announced today that it has raised $...

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ServiceSource Secures the Cloud with Avanan

Background "If you don’t use Avanan, you’re not doing what you should be doing as a CISO.”

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Link Rewrites: The Good, The Bad, and The Over-Promised

URL Link Rewriting is a technique used by several email security companies to help in the fight against malicious links in emails. Proofpoint's Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), Mi...

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Avanan Anomaly Alerts during an Account Takeover

Account Takeover: A Critical Layer Of Your Email Security

Last week the National Law Review published a short news article about the massive data breach that happened through email at the Henry Ford Health System. What they didn't publish...

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Part I: Why Proofpoint and Mimecast Can't Secure Office 365 and Gmail

Proofpoint and Mimecast were the premier email security solutions for legacy on-premise email platforms, such as Exchange or Lotus Notes. But using them for cloud-based Office 365 ...

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Attack Report: The Long-term Phish

  “One question was what exactly were the hackers after? They had compromised at least one account, yet they still weren’t done. What was next? But the big question was - how to ge...

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Attack Report: How Google Drive Propagates Malware

This attack report covers a phishing attack against Gmail and Google Drive customers that leverages both services and exploits a blind spot in the G Suite service.

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5 Reasons Why Microsoft Can't Secure Office 365

Reading this blog title, you might think I’m going to condemn Microsoft and its efforts to secure Office 365. But in fact, Office 365 Security is Microsoft’s best—especially compar...

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Corporate Office 365 users hit with clever phishing attack

Corporate Office 365 users are being targeted by phishers using a clever new trick to bypass email filters and the default security protections of the Microsoft service.

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Office 365 Business Users Targeted in Punycode-based Phishing

A new phishing attack targeting Office 365 business email users was found using Punycode to go undetected by both Microsoft’s default security and desktop email filters, Avanan sec...

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Accounting Firm Secures Office 365 with Avanan

Background Like so many accounting firms, this top 400 accounting firm has moved much of its IT to the cloud—specifically, to Office 365’s core applications and email. With clients...

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New Phishing Scam Using Microsoft Office 365

New York City-based Avanan’s cloud security researchers uncovered a new attack method, Punycode, against Microsoft’s Office 365 business email that goes undetected by default secur...

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Office 365 Biz Users Targeted in Novel Phish Scheme

A new attack method to steal Office 365 business email credentials has been uncovered, though it is still undetected by Microsoft’s Office 365 default security and bypasses desktop...

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Avanan: New Puny-Phishing Attack on Office 365 Email Users

Hackers Attack a Vulnerability in Office 365 Handling of Punycode Avanan’s cloud security researchers uncovered a new attack method against Office 365 business email that goes unde...

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How Many Days is Zero-Day Malware?

  Yesterday Office 365 finally caught the piece of malware we've been using in our demos for the past 5 months. The bad news, however, is that it took us only five minutes to find ...

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O365, Gmail, and Malware

When your organization uses Office 365 or Gmail, attackers know. A simple MX lookup can reveal the security tools you are using to protect your corporate email, and malware writers...

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One of our early customers graciously agreed to share a summary report from our early deployment with them. Before the evaluation, the customer assumed they had a security problem ...

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Avanan Secures the Enterprise Cloud Avanan is the only cloud security solution that offers a complete, best-in-class security stack to protect data in the cloud.

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