We all dream of the day that the lotto card finally breaks our way and we can make our way to financial glory.

It probably won't happen. (Unfortunately.) But that glimmer of hope always remains.

It's one of the reasons this scam is so effective.

It's an email that claims that the recipient is one of 20 winners of a European lottery, netting over two million euros (about $2.5 million USD). To claim the winnings, all you have to do is fill out a form with personal information:

It also comes in the form of this attachment:

This email bypassed Mimecast, but was stopped by Avanan. How?

Avanan's AI indicated it was a possible financial scam. Further, it detected that the "from" and "reply to" fields are different, and that there was an insignificant historical reputation with the sender. That caused Avanan's AI to detect this as phishing with the highest confidence.

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