Avanan's Click-Time Protection emulates websites behind links, to detect elusive zero-day phishing websites.


As email-based attacks become more and more sophisticated, attackers are able to generate phishing campaigns in such a way that the phishing website they link to does not have any known bad reputation, sometimes for hours and days after the emails are sent.

As a result of the Check Point acquisition, the Avanan solution can now take advantage of Check Point's state-of-the-art security engines. One of these engines is Zero-Phishing, an engine designed by Check Point that emulates websites that do not have known bad reputation to find hidden phishing indicators.

Now, when users click on links that are replaced by Click-Time Protection, the websites behind the links are not only checked for reputation (using Check Point's URL Reputation engine), but are also emulated to detect those zero-day phishing websites.

Hackers love to detonate their phishing campaigns after delivery, after click. It's an innovative way to get past defenses, since the link appears okay. 

This is why scanning all links, regardless of their appearance, is critical. Links aren't always what they seem. By scanning all links, and emulating them to find hidden phishing indicators, you can navigate to websites with confidence.