Phishing through URL-based scams is a deceitful tactic used by hackers to obtain confidential information from users by creating fake links that mimic legitimate ones. We've analyzed several instances to demonstrate how simple it is to impersonate, and how our AI technology effectively thwarts these attempts.


Louis Vuitton Example: 


The fraudulent website in question was a convincing replica of the official Louis Vuitton site, complete with numerous pages showcasing products that closely resembled the brand's authentic offerings. This well-crafted imitation was designed to deceive unsuspecting users and prompt them to divulge sensitive information.


Once the user has added items to their cart, they are prompted to choose a payment method and enter their password to finalize the transaction.


ThreatCloud AI successfully identified several red flags that indicated the fraudulent website's malicious intent, including a URL with a bad reputation, a newly registered domain, and anonymous registration. Our cutting-edge technology effectively thwarted this phishing attempt and protected users from falling victim to this deceitful tactic.