This month, Check Point celebrated 30 years as a company. This is an incredible achievement for any company.

From its humble beginnings as a company of 3 to today, where its products are being sold in 191 countries, with an employee count of over 6,300 across 85 nations, securing hundreds of millions of people, it's an industry-leading company that continues to lead the way. We're proud to have played a small part in its history since joining in 2021, and are looking forward to the next 30 years and beyond. 

This landmark anniversary got us thinking about the marketplace as a whole. Email security, as you know, is a competitive marketplace, with all companies working towards a common goal of securing the inbox.

We come at it in different ways. For example, in one corner, we have Check Point, weighing in with 30 years of cyber leadership under their belt from the most elite cyber intelligence, with 150 threat full-time threat analysts and the most advanced AI technology in the world.

And then in the other corner, weighing in with less than four years of email security experience,  we have struggling VC startups made up of wannabe cyber professionals with backgrounds in social media. 

Who would you want to protect your most important assets?