In a bit of a surprise, LinkedIn is now the world's most impersonated brand by phishers.

Not only is it the most impersonated brand, but it's also the most impersonated brand by leaps and bounds.

LinkedIn now relates to 52% of all phishing attacks globally, according to new Check Point research. 

The runner-up? DHL, at 14%. 

Google, Microsoft and FedEx round out the top 5. 

Check Point found examples of phishers trying to steal the account info of LinkedIn users. 

The malicious email starts like this:

It then directs the user to this lookalike LinkedIn site:

Once credentials are entered on that page, they are promptly stolen.

Given LinkedIn's popularity, as well as the potential for a new connection or job offer, it's very tempting to click on those links. 

As always, remember to double-check the URL by hovering over it before clicking.