It's everyone's favorite day--Tax Day!

Whether you've already filed or are waiting until 11:59 PM today, there are countless tax scams flying around the internet. It's become a right of passage. 

Earlier, we reported on a tax scam that took advantage of fintech apps to try and steal credentials.

Here's one more that is a staple of the genre. The Form W-8BEN is an actual form, but it's been hijacked by threat actors to steal personal information. 

There's also a reference to a Form W9095, which does not exist. 

Remember, the IRS will not contact you via email. They won't reach out on social media. They won't call you..They will send a letter in the mail first. 

Another tip? Look at the sender address. This one had the clever URL of

Whether it's claiming to be from the IRS or from an investment app, this is a lucrative time for hackers. It's why it's important pay extra attention to any tax-relaxed emails.

Or, you know, just block the malicious before the inbox.

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