When we talk about the importance of artificial intelligence in email security, we talk about the ineffective nature of rules. Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) apply the long-time standard of using rules to block emails or allow emails into the inbox. Rules are a way to move, flag, and respond to email messages. Rules can be used to automatically block threats or allow previously flagged emails that were determined to be safe into the inbox. These rules apply to threats the email security system caught before and are applied to incoming threats that have been seen before.

Nowadays, however, they are ineffective. Why?

Rules are cumbersome, hard to manage and hard to get right. They have to be done manually. Given that there are an endless amount of possible rules, the amount of time it sucks up could be infinite. Not only do they have to be created manually, but they have to be updated and reviewed regularly.

One other downside of rules? If your solution requires you to manually create rules, all it takes is one mistyped character, one misspelled word to bring the whole operation down. Just one mistake can cause serious consequences to your email flow and can invite attacks into your operation. 

Instead, go with a proven API installation. It's automated, guaranteeing successful installation and preventing lost money and data. And when you pair it with a powerful AI and ML-based solution that constantly adjusts and improves over time. Avanan has found that, without advanced AI, 51% of the most sophisticated threats would not be stopped.

The days of rules-based security are over. If you don’t have advanced AI trained on the best data, you are not fully secure.

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