Returning to the office? Many workers around the country and the world are. Hackers are noticing.

Think about this for a second. In the last 16 months of working from home, how many times have you used a scanner? A Xerox machine? A fax machine? For most people, the answer is probably not that many.

But in the office, with Xerox machines sitting there, just begging to be used, those activities that we once took for granted are back in action. Hackers are trying to prey on it.

In all of 2021, Avanan has seen 111,701 fax/scan-related phishing emails. Since May, we've seen 65,085. That means that 58.2% of all fax/scan-relating phishing emails have occurred since workers began returning to the office. 


Hackers always take advantage of trends. Returning to the office is a huge trend. So they're taking advantage of emails that end-user haven't seen in awhile, but may be seeing more of now, like fax or scan notifications. Here's what a typical phish looks like:

This particular attack was missed by ATP. And we expect to see more of these more and more workers return to the office.

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