The hottest trend in the world of email security is quishing or QR Code phishing.

All of our customers are asking about it, as are many of the folks trying out our product.

And with good reason. Our researchers indicate that nearly every one of our customers has been targeted with a QR code attack, and we've seen staggering increases from summer to fall. 

We've been protecting against QR code phishing since 2019. Here's our founder Gil Friedrich talking about how and why we developed it:


As we see more and more of these QR code attacks, we decided to improve the way that admins understand the QR-code-based attacks that are targeting their environments and improve their ability to report on them.

Now, our link analysis section of the email page states clearly when the link is behind a QR code. 

In addition, administrators can filter all emails with malicious QR codes through the Custom Queries (Detect reason contains QR).

Want to learn more about QR codes and phishing? Join us for our webinar on November 8th!