Ever feel like you're playing whack-a-mole when it comes to your email security? Ever feel like you're Bill Murray chasing after that gopher?

In email security, the "gopher" is all those malicious emails that keep getting past your current defenses. It's all the user-reported phishing emails, restore from quarantine requests. 

Avanan recently released a survey that found that managing the email threat takes up 22.9% of the SOC's time. That comes out to about 2-3 hours a day, chasing bad emails. In some environments, that number is even higher. Of the time they spend managing the email threat, 47% of that time is spent investigating suspected phishing emails reported by end-users and 27% responding to actual phishing emails.   

That's gopher chasing all day.

Instead, think about this: 

Consider this story of a 10,000-user company. Prior to Avanan, this company had 2,500 phishing emails a month making their way to the end user. End-users were reporting phishing 16,000 times a month. And only 15% were actually phishing.

After implementing Avanan, only 5 emails were delivered to end users a month. End-user reports went down from 16,000 to 3,000. 

Don't chase gophers. Maybe with Avanan, you'll actually have time to hit the links instead.