In December, Avanan polled over 500 IT managers and leaders to understand the time it takes to manage the email threat.

Those in cybersecurity know the burden placed on the SOC team is immense. What's been less clear is just how immense that burden is. It's one thing to feel the burden. It's another thing to quantify it exactly.

This research, the first of its kind, demonstrates just how much time managing the email threat takes. That number, according to our research, is 22.9% of the SOC's time. It also quantifies a number of other tasks, including:

  • The amount of end-user reports and release from quarantine requests
  • The most popular tasks associated with investigation, prevention and response
  • The overall hours spent in those three areas

The email threat has become more pervasive than ever. Understanding the time it takes up is essential to getting a better handle on it. 

In addition, the report outlines ways to prevent the email problem from getting out of control.

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