• After years of being frustrated with Mimecast, on everything from customer service to its inability to stop simple-seeming attacks, this benefits administrator decided to switch to Avanan
  • Even with a complex email architecture, this company has already seen massive benefits by making the change

How many times has this happened: You try a new product because you've been told it's so simple, so awesome, couldn't be better. And then you start using it, and it doesn't live up to any of those promises?

That's what Jonathan Chambers of TPA America* felt after using Mimecast. Even though he was told that "everything works", what really happened was that everything didn't work.

False positives sky rocketed. Emails randomly disappeared. The interface was hard to deal with—see the example of two gray lists, one spelled with an e, one spelled with an a.

That led to time being wasted—time they didn't have. 

A trial with Avanan immediately "started off on the right foot" and the simplicity—the actual simplicity—and reliability has been a big win. 

Read about everything that drove TPA to be driven to the ultimate in Mimecast frustration and how Avanan made email security easy—for real—again.

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*Company and individual names have been changed, but are available as a reference customer.