Miercom assessed the five top security vendors' Zero Trust Platforms, comparing their security efficacy, ease of use, breadth and comprehensiveness.

In this report, Check Point came out on top, rating highest for both security efficacy and admin and user experience. 

As part of the report, Miercom assessed the top 10 enterprise zero trust platform use cases. Among these are malicious website protection, phishing protection and email protection. In these three categories, Check Point received the highest possible score.

Here's what they say about malicious website protection:

"The interface is user-friendly, requiring minimal adjustments to establish a robust policy. The likelihood of misconfiguration is low, contributing to its commendable overall effectiveness. Check Point proved a 100% total block rate for malicious HTML and PDFs."

This is what they say about phishing protection:

"The interface is exceptionally user-friendly, requiring minimal settings to configure policies effectively. The likelihood of misconfiguration is low, ensuring a high overall effectiveness in blocking phishing attempts. Check Point proved a 100% total block rate for phishing URLs."

And this is what they say for email protection:

"Stands out with multiple layers of defense, including NGFW, Email, Mobile, Endpoint, and SSE, uniquely capable of thwarting Quishing (QR Code Phishing) attacks. Its advanced AI-driven phishing prevention feature, "Zero-Phishing," minimizes the likelihood of misconfiguration. The high overall effectiveness highlights Check Point's robust protection across multiple fronts."

You can read the full report here