Avanan is announcing its Unified Daily Digest.

For the first time, end-users will get a digest that includes all quarantines and actions of every layer involved in scanning the email.

This is an easy way to apply as many different layers and solutions for their email security as they'd like, without adding unnecessary complexity in managing and alerting end-users.

The email includes two sections:

  • Quarantined emails: emails that were blocked by Avanan and placed in the Avanan Quarantine. Each email includes the action configured in the relevant workflow that sent the email to quarantine.

  • Junk Emails: emails that were detected as Junk/Spam by SmartPhish or Microsoft O365 (emails with SCL >= 5). Default configurations direct these emails to the Junk folder.

It looks like this:

This reduces the email noise, as users get the report email once a day, instead of after every block—while still providing the same actions.

Instead of scouring multiple platforms for detailed information, Avanan's daily digest provides a one-stop-shop for all pertinent information. This is only possible because Avanan sits inline, scanning email after other security services. Indeed, Avanan has a patent pending for this feature.

Now, whether a customer uses just Avanan or uses many services, end-users can easily and simply understand all the actions taken in determining if an email is safe or malicious.

This is yet another way that Avanan makes managing the email threat easier and better.

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