Quick quiz: which social media platform are hackers impersonating most effectively?

If you guessed LinkedIn, good for you. 

Yes, LinkedIn has quietly become a haven for hackers. Utilizing email notifications, they've seen a 47% open rate from end-users. It's more than triple the next-highest social media open rate, which is via Twitter. And LinkedIn has held this distinction for three straight years.

The Attack:
Avanan researchers discovered a new phishing email that looks like this: 

If you click on accept, it takes you to a fake login page that steals your credentials.

Though Avanan stopped this attack, it passed by ATP's scanners.

Why it Matters: This a particularly effective hacking technique. LinkedIn is a unique mix of personal and professional. Depending on the company, a request from someone in a different country for business information may be normal, especially since a lot of business does happen on LinkedIn. And unlike some scams, this one looks pretty convincing, too. 

Hackers won't fix what's broken. Since LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable and successful spoof for some time, they will continue to hit it until that changes.

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