One minute. A lot can happen in just one minute. And in an internet minute, destruction can happen quite easily.

In just one minute, a whopping 375 new cyber threats will emerge.

And in just one minute, your entire company can be infected with malware; an account can be compromised; credentials stolen; ransomware demanded.

If you're one minute late to a threat, it's already too late.

Since Avanan patented the API-based approach to securing email in 2019, a number of other API vendors have hit the market. 

There are many differences between Avanan and others API solutions. But this is the key one: Avanan can prevent a malicious email from reaching the inbox; the others can only respond afterwards. 

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Many of these companies brag about fast response time to malicious emails.  

But in reality, it's not fast enough. Consider that, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, in 93% of data breaches, the compromise occurred in a minute or less. As they wrote,

The median time for the first user of a phishing campaign to open the malicious email is just one minute and 40 seconds. 

Maybe you can get away with the occasional email being in the inbox for a minute. But in general, if you are relying on other API-based solutions to protect your email, you are leaving your organization exposed. And the response times promoted in sales and marketing literature reflect ideal conditions in small environments. During peak times of day, when users are busiest and most likely to be fooled by a phishing attack, response times grow longer. Five minutes, ten minutes. Even a few seconds is a security risk. This is how other API-based products actually work:

One minute is not enough buffer. Five minutes is even worse. The protection needs to happen before it reaches the inbox.

Avanan's patented email security solution combines all the benefits of a Cloud Email Security Supplement with the true, pre-inbox security of a Secure Email Gateway (SEG).

Not all APIs are Born Equal--DRAFT-1


The Avanan infrastructure is API-enabled, with patented technologies that offer very unique advantages over both SEG and CESS vendors. Specifically Avanan’s patent allows us to prevent the delivery of malicious emails before the inbox as well as deliver all the benefits of internal email protection and post-delivery enforcement.

This architecture not only blocks malicious email before the inbox, it is able to do it at scale, protecting companies of all sizes, from 25 to 250,000 users or more. 

When it comes to email, you can't take any chances. You can't even let one minute pass.

You have to prevent it before it even happens.

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