January 28th is Data Privacy Day. To commemorate, we are holding an online panel discussion with Chantal Bernier and Todd Daubert of Dentons, the world’s largest law firm and leader in information governance and global compliance. Join us Thursday, January 26 at 1:00 PM EST.


Chantal Bernier is a globally recognized advocate and expert on the legal frameworks required to promote data privacy. She has the unique insight of a former privacy regulator, as a corporate executive and a member of Denton’s team, Privacy and Cybersecurity. She has been both a visionary and pragmatist in seeking legal, political, and technological solutions that can keep up with the changing privacy landscape.

Todd Daubert is both an engineer and a legal partner in Denton’s Washington DC office, chairing the firm’s Technology and Communication sectors. Negotiating the privacy and security provisions of commercial and outsourcing agreements, he advises clients on how to use technology to build consumer trust and protect confidential information.

In the next two years, it is predicted that over 85% of computing workloads will be processed in cloud data centers. In response, regulators have taken varying approaches to accountability and penalties with new, differing regulations around the world.

With courts awarding unprecedented amounts in damages from failure to safeguard, while technology is simultaneously evolving at its own lightning pace, businesses must keep up with new threats and new laws, as well as the technology to manage both of them.

In this webinar, Todd will describe the current data security environment in the United States, while Chantal will discuss the international trends that impact cross-border data transfers. The three of us will then talk about the technological solutions that are currently available to address both those needs when moving sensitive data to the cloud.

We hope to address the top questions that both Chantal and Todd have been asked whenever they speak or write about cloud security. Because of our unique position as a multi-vendor platform for cloud security, we will share what we’ve learned about the currently available technology and the trends we see in response to new threats and new requirements.

Some of the question we will cover include:

  • Regulations require that data be protected at a level commensurate to its sensitivity, which may mean varying levels of safeguards. How can that be accommodated technologically? Can it be done in the cloud?
  • As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, how do regulators assess accountability? What are the technological measures that constitute a minimum of due diligence? What is the customers responsibility when data is in the cloud?
  • If people are the weakest link, then what are the technological solutions that can meet the legal requirements to enforce need-to-know access controls and compliance assurance?

We will also discuss the new legal requirements in the United States, Europe, and China concerning data anonymization, data destruction, and some of the choices companies must make in response to ransomware.

Near the end of the hour, we will answer attendees questions. It is sure to be a lively and informative discussion, so be sure to sign up!