Professional basketball teams, like any company in any industry, have something that hackers want—data.

It can be data on season-ticket holders, including information such as credit cards and other PII. It can be valuable information on players, scouting reports and other proprietary information. 

Further, hackers could use this sort of player-based data to place "informed" bets on draft picks and games.

NBA teams are no stranger to being hacked. In the last two years, at least three teams have disclosed cyberattacks breaches. (See here, here and here.)

To combat these threats, it's instructive to focus on data. Analytics drive the decisions of many NBA teams and it should be no different for cybersecurity.

It's no longer enough to let attacks reach your inbox. You have to block them from getting there in the first place. (You don't want Giannis Antetokounmpo getting into the paint, if you can help it. The same idea applies here.)

With this sort of solution, Avanan's patented cybersecurity prevents malicious threats from reaching the inbox. Think of it as the ultimate rim protector. If an attack gets past default security, Avanan is there to stop it. With this approach, Avanan can prevent up to 99.2% of attacks from reaching the inbox.

Don't leave this valuable data to chance. With Avanan, your cyber-defenses will instantly be the league's best.

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