With COVID-19 causing potential budget cuts, Peach University decided it was the perfect time to re-evaluate their security product.

They had long thought Secure Email Gateways were yesterday's technology; however their current API solution wasn't inline.

As a college, they were inundated with phishing campaigns, something that had only gotten worse since the pandemic began.

They needed an email security solution that not only blocked phishing and malware attacks, but also stopped them before they get to the inbox, so that their remote students wouldn't accidentally click on a malicious email.

When they discovered Avanan's patented inline email protection that blocks bad emails before they even get to the inbox, they were thrilled. And by taking advantage of Avanan's EDU pricing, they were able to get more security that met their budget.


The money was right. And honestly, as I went through the trial, it was like, ‘Wow.’

Learn how switching to Avanan gave this college better security for a better price.

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