Avanan Protects Educational Institutions from Advanced Threats

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Secure Your Domain.

Hacking a domain with a strong reputation makes malicious actors happy. It helps them more easily launch future attacks. This makes Universities and other educational institutions high-value targets.

The Avanan platform currently protects faculty, student, and alumni populations at some of the largest university systems as well as local school districts.

Avanan for EDU
“The Avanan implementation was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced in 30 years of higher education IT. You have an outstanding team. They moved quickly and were extremely flexible with working on what amounted to 25 simultaneous implementations." 

— Michael Russell, CIO, Virginia Community College System 

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Protect Students, Faculty, and Reputation from Phishing and Malware

Students are a highly-vulnerable population for hackers. Avanan helps to protect both them and the institution from the costly ramifications of a breach.

Faculty have enough work with classes and research. Passive, pre-inbox protection from Avanan means they don’t even see phishing emails. At the same time, they can easily report attacks that get through to IT, who can use the Search & Destroy™ post-delivery forensic tools to pull all malicious files from the entire collaboration environment in a few clicks.

Reputation is the basis of trust in the educational system. Avanan helps to prevent data leakage, account takeover, and compromises that extend across file-sharing, email, and collaboration with a one-click installation that is easy on staff and budget.

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Best Practices for Securing Universities and Higher Learning Institutions from Ransomware and Phishing

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Instant One-Click Deployment

Avanan connects to both Office 365 and G Suite using an encrypted API protocol. Every Avanan client has a highly-secure, dedicated environment. At the same time, the Avanan security layer is additive to default security measures, and invisible to hackers — preventing them from custom-crafting attacks for specific institutions.

Multi-Tenancy Support

Many schools and universities have separate tenants: one for faculty, and another for staff. The Avanan dashboard unifies reporting, remediation, and policy enforcement in a single pane of glass. Security Operations and IT teams can manage and secure all environments with one threat interface.

Free One-On-One Customer Support

Learning shouldn’t be disrupted by phishing attacks and the excessive clean-up time that follows. Get on a call with an expert to better understand how the Avanan portal can save you time, resources, and frustration.

Client Success Story

Protecting Bethel School Disrict from Phishing and Malware with Avanan

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Avanan Protects Educational Institutions from Advanced Threats

The Avanan platform currently protects faculty, student and alumni populations at some of the largest university systems as well as local school districts.

Cost-effective advanced threat protection for educational institutions saves time and labor in the face of increasing security requirements:

  • Set proactive anti-phishing policies for faculty, students, and alumni — or use our recommended out-of-box configurations.
  • Specifically protect against spear-phishing and impersonation attacks from V.I.P. staff such as the superintendent, principal, dean, and professors.
  • Create self-triggering remediation workflows to quarantine malicious links and attachments.
  • Remove known threats from inboxes using Search & Destroy technology.
  • Automatically identify behavioral and systemic anomalies.
  • Gain immediate visibility and insights into your environment.
  • Significantly reduce phishing emails and clicks from students and faculty.

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