In 2015, Avanan created the first API-based security for email. At the time, it was revolutionary--securing email from inside the cloud, embedded via APIs. This has afforded a number of key advantages, including not having to change MX records, AI that catches what others miss and internal context needed to stop some of the most pernicious attacks, among many others. 

Since our founding, a number of other API-based solutions have popped up. But they are, as Omdia puts it, "helper apps" since they can't replace the full functionality of gateways or native security, or serve as the sole protector of an enterprise.

That's in large part due to our patent, which is for inline security that blocks before the inbox. Among API vendors, only Avanan can do this.

We put together a handy guide of some of the other differences between Avanan and other API-based solutions, which you can download below.

See the Differences