According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), 20 percent of malware attacks are launched via email attachments. In addition, emails links, according to the report, are responsible for 40 percent of attacks. 

Of those malicious emails, according to Check Point, more than 70% of malicious email attachments or links were sent via PDF or through Microsoft Office.

There is no single tool that can detect all malware. With that in mind, Avanan uses multiple tools and implements a multilayer strategy to detect zero-day threats. Additionally, Avanan users benefit from a self-teaching AI-powered algorithm that can dynamically detect malicious behavior and quarantine dangerous files.

For example, Avanan’s anti-phishing functionality uses machine learning to analyze emails for over 300 indicators of phishing. Not only does this limit your exposure to malware, but it also reduces dwell time and lateral movement in the event a breach occurs.

Further, beyond protecting email inboxes, Avanan provides zero-day protection for your entire cloud environment. This means services like SharePoint, OneDrive, Slack and Teams  are protected as well.

To protect your enterprise from these attacks, a full anti-virus suite is needed. That includes sandboxing and anti-virus, as well as Content Disarm & Reconstruction. CDR works by removing any executable content, making the file safe for the recipient. It protects the end-user from zero-day threats and does so instantly.

It inspects the file, cleans and removes any risky active content, remakes the file so that it is threat-free, and does so instantly. It's a way to know that the file a user is opening, forwarding or sending will be safe. 

Scanning every file and message for malware and ransomware is essential. By scanning your entire cloud environment—every message, every file, every application—for malware, Avanan ensures that pernicious zero-day malware attacks never enter your ecosystem.

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