Catch Advanced Threats That Others Miss

The Avanan platform is engineered to catch the sophisticated attacks default and advanced security layers miss, particularly those in Microsoft Office 365. This patented approach has been proven to block over 99% of phishing, malware, and data leakage for organizations of all sizes.

User Training Is Not Enough

According to industry reports, end-user training programs have lowered the rate of successful attacks. Still, they have not eradicated the millions in losses from Business Email Compromise (BEC), credential harvesting, and extortion emails reported every year. Moreover, account compromises and compromised users can be difficult to detect, even for the most observant users.

Avanan vs Default Security

25% of phishing emails bypass Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP), the default security in Office 365. While its basic spam and graymail filtering provide utility, malware and malicious link protection is limited to known threats.

This leaves exposure to BEC, zero-day threats, and a host of pin-hole vulnerabilities, which hackers masterfully exploit. With entry-level security, account takeover scenarios are more likely to go undetected, user behavior is left unmonitored, and simple misconfiguration flaws provide ways for organizations to lose money, time, and productivity.

Similarly, the default security across most popular workplace collaboration solutions, like Google G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, and Box leave gaps which threat actors focus on compromising.

“The main vector that the new bread of malware hackers use is email, and Office 365's spam filters were letting too much get past.”

CTO, Retail Industry

Avanan vs Advanced Threat Protection

While Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Office 365 offers additional protection, the next-generation machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines in the Avanan platform catch the attacks that are missed by scanning every inbound, outbound, and internal communication across an enterprise environment.

Threat actors who target specific vulnerabilities in Office can’t penetrate the invisible additional layer of security provided by Avanan. Without the requirement of Mail eXchange (MX) record changes, PowerShell scripting, nor length time investment from Security Operations Centers, Avanan keeps up with evolving threats across the wide and varied attack landscape.

Avanan vs Secure Email Gateways

Secure Email Gateway (SEG) or Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) solutions were conceived when email was on-premises, threats were linear, and a perimeter could be easily established. Even as some SEG solutions have been retrofitted for cloud capabilities, the perimeter mindset limits their ability to address cloud-native threats from bad actors who understand the vulnerabilities presented by some of the well-known SEG solutions.

SEGs reroute inbound communications via a proxy for inspection. By adding another “hop” to the traffic flow, SEGs introduce an additional point of failure and add a tell-tale signature in the way of MX record changes, which can be easily identified by bad actors.

While SEGs protect inbound email, they do not natively secure internal and outbound communications. Although workarounds exist, real-time security and insider threats/account takeover concerns further limit their utility.

“My favorite part of Avanan has been that its detection rates are solid”

Associate Systems Administrator, Manufacturing Industry


See How Avanan Catches What Your Current Security Misses

Avanan clients enjoy unparalleled protection from advanced email attacks, as well as Search & Destroy™ post-delivery forensics, data leakage protection, and shadow IT avoidance. To learn more, schedule a demonstration or start a free trial assessment today.