Avanan and Check Point operate under the principle that once a piece of malware enters your environment, it's already too late. That's why we practice prevention, not detection.

Not everyone shares this principle. Or, more accurately, not everyone can act upon this belief. 

Take the other API vendors, for example. They are reactive, not proactive. They will remediate a malicious email after it reaches the inbox. Avanan prevents the malicious email from ever reaching the inbox.

The same thing applies to malware. Avanan can fully scan and block malware before it reaches the inbox. Others will actively deliver malware to the inbox while doing the analysis in the background. Even if the analysis takes a few moments, the malware is still in the environment. The solutions will only provide a warning banner, saying that the attachment is being analyzed.

This is because they cannot block prior to the inbox. They also can't do Content Disarm & Reconstruction, which strips all executable content from a file and delivers it to the inbox, without any threats and any delay to user productivity.

We believe that delivering anything malicious to the inbox is not security. Removing it afterward is just a response. Users will click and interact with emails when it is in the inbox. Prevention is the only approach.

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