Q4 2023 has come and gone, but the threat of phishing attacks remains on the rise, with "brand phishing" taking the lead. According to Check Point's 2024 Brand Phishing Report

"Microsoft claimed the top spot as the number one most impersonated brand, accounting for 33% of all brand phishing attempts. The technology sector stood out as the most targeted industry overall, with Amazon securing second place with 9% and Google in third with 8%."

Technology, however, is one of many sectors being targeted. Social networks and banking follow suit, ranging from LinkedIn at 3% to DHL at 2%. Here's the full list of top impersonated brands during Q4 2023:


  1. Microsoft (33%)

  2. Amazon (9%)

  3. Google (8%)

  4. Apple (4%)

  5. Wells Fargo (3%)

  6. LinkedIn (3%)

  7. Home Depot (3%)

  8. Facebook (3%)

  9. Netflix (2%)

  10. DHL (2%)


As AI continues advancing, the rise of phishing campaigns will follow and become "more indistinguishable from genuine company communications." The solution? Stay proactive and vigilant when engaging with "reputable branded" emails, especially by implementing a prevention-first model. For more information, check out "The Importance of Prevention, Not Detection in Email Security" to keep your inbox and company safe.