According to our own Michael Hansen, one of our Security Engineers, "One user's newsletter is another user's spam."

In other words, not everyone views emails in the same way. And some types of users might have different needs than others. For example, a CEO might need to see every single email that hits their domain; a seasonal worker might not. 

One of the best things about our solution is the ability for customization. You can truly make it work for any user--and treat the user how they need to be treated.

Want to do one size fits all? We've got you covered. Want to go granular for one department? Go for it. Want to create policies for every individual group? Go crazy. 

Whether you want to use Avanan out of the box with no changes, or customize it to your heart's content, you can do that. And better yet: These aren't set in stone. Want to change things after six months? We've got it set. Six days? Whatever you want. 

Hansen built this workflow that shows you our recommended options for different categories of users. Open each card to see the recommended workflows. These are recommendations of what we think are best practices. Remember that you can customize it to your organization's needs.