In 2021, hackers were more productive than ever. In 2021, according to Check Point Research, over 10,000 new malicious files and 100,000 new malicious websites were discovered--every day. 

So it's concerning that, according to Check Point's 2022 Workforce Security Reportt, only 9% use all the five critical methods to protect against internet-based attacks. Those methods are:

  • URL Filtering
  • URL Reputation
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction
  • Zero Phishing
  • Credentials Protection

Further, 20% don't use any of the key methods mentioned above.

Beyond that, 31% of organizations don't use any of the critical methods meant to prevent sensitive business data from leaking outside the corporate network, including scanning email and apps for data and scanning files for sensitive content.

These results underscore the critical need for comprehensive security that covers the entire enterprise. Securing your email from the most pernicious attacks has never been more important; ensuring your valuable business data stays within the reorganization is essential.

Avanan's advanced email security and robust DLP tools will keep attacks away and your business going. 

Check out the full report below:

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