Email security is a challenging thing to get right. But when you boil it down, there's a seismic shift happening.

Secure Email Gateways used to be the standard. They blocked malicious email before the inbox. Great, right? Well, it was, until email moved to the cloud and SEGs struggled to move with it. Their efficacy in stopping malicious emails fell dramatically. 

A new solution was needed. One that replaces the guard in front of the inbox and is cloud-native.

Here's what's seismic: there's only one solution out there that can do that. Avanan.

Avanan is the ONLY API-based, next gen vendor that sits after O365 (or Gmail) but inline in the mail flow before delivery. 

All others hope to spot a malicious message after it reaches the inbox. That's like hoping to reverse a touchdown after the player crosses the goal line. It doesn't really work.

Only Avanan can fully replace an SEG by blocking emails before they reach the inbox, plus with the added benefits of being cloud-native, protecting internal messages, not disabling default security, not changing MX records, securing SaaS apps--and so much more. 

It boils down to this: Do you want to prevent malicious messages before they reach the inbox or not?