We’ve redefined email security a number of times.

First time? When we connected to email via API. Previously, you had to change your MX records to be able to secure email. Now? You just connect via API. Simple as that. 

This was back in 2015, and we only operated in “Detect and Prevent” mode. Basically–the email comes into the inbox and then we would analyze and remove it if malicious. That didn’t cut it for our customers, we had to redefine email security again.

This time, it was with our patented approach. This allowed for the ability to still connect via API and protect threats before the inbox. Our patented approach allows us to automatically install via API and block threats before they ever reach end-users. We remain the only ones able to do this. Everyone else is still operating like it's 2015. 

Finally, we reinvented email once again when we were acquired by Check Point in 2021. Not only did we benefit from the stability of one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies, but we also gained so much more in capabilities. We integrate with ThreatCloud, the world’s largest threat intelligence database, analyzing over two billion websites and files, performing 30 million file emulations, and receiving updates on close to two million malicious indicators every day. We receive these signals from the entirety of the connected world–email, of course, but also mobile, endpoint, firewall and more.

As part of the Harmony package, we’re the only solution that provides Phishing 360 protection. That means we protect against not only email-based phishing threats but also mobile, endpoint, SaaS, browser and more. 

Point solutions are no longer effective. As Omdia said when Avanan was acquired by Check Point back in 2021:

“Harmony now secures remote workers, their devices, and their data, with protection from malicious files, URLs, and phishing across email, collaboration suites, web, network, and endpoint. Meanwhile, the broader picture sees Avanan bolstering Check Point’s XDR capabilities, and in this context, the acquisition is further validation of Omdia’s contention that email security, or at least the telemetry it provides, should ideally be integrated with data from other security tools in the areas of endpoint, network, and cloud. Doing this enables centralized analysis and a coordinated enterprise-wide response to threats, regardless of where they come into an organization. Integration into the Infinity XDR platform underscores that point.”


We’re not a point solution. We’re Check Point. A lot of companies are trying to band together to provide “better together” security, but the reality is it’s having multiple products to do the thing that Check Point can do with one. Simple, reduces cost of ownership and just works. It's the Avanan and Check Point way.