• Broadcom’s purchase of Symantec will lead to cuts of $1 billion in spending on R&D and sales
  • Their focus is now on the Global 2000 customer base while commercial accounts are left to fend for themselves
  • Lack of investment has already exposed email accounts
  • Verdict: Switch now before the protection gets worse

The end of a legacy email security program is slowly upon us. Since Broadcom purchased Symantec in August 2019, the program has been defunded and their staff dispersed to other departments.

Since the purchase, what remains of Symantec is depreciating their email security investment, increasing their focus on endpoint and web security. Some $1 billion has been cut, and only their Global 2000 customers remain fully protected. If you are a commercial account holder, when your contract is up, your protection will simply go away. You will be forced to find a new solution.

Even now, with a lack of investment and attention, your Symantec protection is losing effectiveness, so it is better to move sooner than later.

Attackers are noticing. In May, an attack that exploited Symantec’s click-time protection utilized Symantec’s URL protection to hide an attack. By creating five redirects, the phishing site was hidden from security controls. Further, the attack used language saying that the email had been scanned by Symantec.

Broadcom’s business model—buy a tech company, cut costs and staff, sell only to big customers—is almost complete. Already, we’ve seen parts shipped off to Accenture but more could be in the offing.

Whatever the future for Symantec, this much is clear: as commercial accounts flee to other vendors, R&D investment has faded and the gap between their protection and the latest threats is growing larger each day. 

If you still have time on your Symantec contract, this can sound frightening, but it provides your organization with the opportunity to find a new and better solution.

If you are in the process of changing your email security, may we suggest you consider upgrading it to something more modern. In other words, don’t make a lateral move to the same technology from another vendor. Upgrade to something made for today and the future.

Consider all these standard Avanan features that Symantec—and other Secure Email Gateways—can’t offer:

  • Protects against internal email threats.
  • Secures collaboration apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox, ShareFile and Box.
  • Machine Learning contextual analysis of over a year's worth of previous conversations to protect against BEC threats and eliminate false positives.

Not convinced? Because Avanan deploys independently of what you already have, you can install it behind Symantec right now. Anything that Symantec misses, Avanan will catch, and analysis of what is already in your inbox will show you the attacks Symantec has let through all these years.

Looking at another provider? Perfect, deploy us for free at the same time. We will catch what they miss so you can see their true value. And ours.

Threats—on all platforms—are adapting and evolving. Your security platform needs to adapt with it—what worked in the past might not be good enough today. You need an email security program that identifies and quells new attacks before they happen. You need constant vigilance and threat intelligence. You need a product that’s constantly improving, not withering away.

Re-think your email security. Deploy a modern solution made for the modern world.

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