A new report from SonicWall found that ransomware is the biggest concern of most customers. A whopping 91% said it was their biggest concern. Phishing (76%) and encrypted malware (66%) were the other top concerns.

Ransomware can be devastating to a business. There is, of course, the financial damage and the potential for widespread data loss. There's also the reputational damage. No one wants to be in the news because they were hit with a ransomware attack.

Email is the top delivery method for ransomware, and any email security solution needs to be able to understand when an email is a prelude to a ransomware attack. That means scanning every URL, regardless of how it appears on first look; that means emulating URLs behind links; scanning every attachment. When you can add to that a top-notch threat intelligence database, such as ThreatCloud, you have the tools needed to prevent ransomware attacks from entering the enterprise in the first place.