It is officially 2024, and hearing the phrase, "new year, new you," is expected and typically indicates change (e.g., bad habits, personal development, exercise, etc.). However, when it comes to ransomware, nothing is changing. In fact, According to NCCGroup's Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, "ransomware attacks [have risen] 85% compared to [2023]." This new ransomware year is off to a bad start. 

Who is targeted most? Industrial organizations, Consumer Cyclicals, Healthcare, and Technology. North America remains the predominant victim at 50%, with Europe second at 30% of the attacks. Interestingly, the type of attack does not change. NCCGroup states hackers continue utilizing phishing as an initial vector. So, in light of the "new year, new you" concept, your 2024 organizational goal should prioritize implementing a layered defense in cybersecurity. 

The following list is a starting point for what you should keep in mind when considering the protection cybersecurity vendors provide:

  1. Email and Web Protection

  2. Endpoint Detection and Response

  3. Security Awareness Training


Protecting your organization can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially for attack prevention. However, there are reliable resources that simplify what matters most. To learn more, check out our Complete Ransomware Protection Report to help you succeed in the "new year, new you" strategy for your organization's cyber security tactics.