A new survey echoes what we've been saying for some time: the practice of detect and remediate is not enough.

The survey, which polled 1,200 companies across the globe, found that firms that relied on the status quo of detecting and remediating threats suffered more breaches. Organizations that prevented breaches saw less. That's because the detect and respond approach, as well as the manual processes that go along with it, can't work fast enough to keep up. 

In fact, as the report from Skybox Security says,

"The business impact of successful risk-based security posture management--versus the old status-quo, detect and respond approach to cybersecurity--is hard to overstate. By preventing or mitigating breaches, risk-based methods and integrated security posture management can save companies many millions of dollars per year and prevent untold damage to reputation, customer trust, company morale, market standing and competitiveness."


The pace of threats is simply too much to not be proactive. If you're constantly responding, you're constantly behind the eight ball. In today's environment, you can't afford to fall behind.

By taking preventative security seriously, breaches stop at the front door and free up time for other activities. It's the only way to keep up.