Avanan's AI is specifically trained on the attacks that Microsoft misses. That's only possible if Microsoft actually misses attacks. It does.

It's no wonder, then, that we're seeing companies ditch ATP and secure their environments with Avanan. Not only are they switching from ATP, but they are also completely replacing it, not just supplementing it. Avanan is the only API-based solution that can act as a complete replacement to ATP. 

We've analyzed a number of our clients who have switched from ATP to Avanan and are displaying their reasons for doing so below. 

Our free 14-day trial can show you exactly what ATP company is missing and how Avanan would better protect it instead

Bank in Australia 

Switched: March 2022

"We were very unhappy with ATP after using it for a couple of years. When we saw the first demo of Avanan, we were hooked." 

Medical Device Manufacturer in Costa Rica

Switched: March 2022

"With ATP, executives were being targeted, and there were tons of impersonation and phishing emails that aimed to get the banking information of employees. The ease of use of Avanan and the abiltiy for detailed reporting was a game-changer."

City Government in the Mid-Atlantic

Switched: March 2022

"We were just blown away. We love how easy the tool is to use, and how much data is available in the dashboard." 

Gas Supply Company in Illinois

Switched: March 2022

"After years of struggling with ATP, we needed a tool that easy to deploy, easy to manage and provided admin-friendly information. Avanan did all that and more."

Mechanical Engineering Company in Germany

Switched: February 2022

"ATP simply wasn't protecting our users. We needed something that just did a better job securing our environment. We were comfortable with Avanan and knew we had to get it installed as soon as possible."  


Energy Company in New Zealand

Switched: December 2021

"Avanan was able to streamline our procedure for remediation, and it had a far better efficacy when compared to ATP. 


Pipe Fitting Company in Michigan 

Switched: December 2021

"Phishing was just a nightmare, with attacks continually coming through. Once we saw Avanan, we knew we had to get it in place instantly."

University in Maryland

Switched: December 2021

"Avanan was just so easy to use and it caught so many more attacks."

Educational Software Company in Wisconsin 

Switched: September 2021

"ATP was missing things and there were too many false positives. When we started with Avanan, the issue went away."  

Pharmaceutical Company in France 

Switched: August 2021

"Attacks got through all the time, despite the presence of ATP. We needed a solution that solved the phishing problem and we found that with Avanan."

Travel Company in Germany 

Switched: August 2021

We were getting slammed with both targeted and impersonation attempts. We wanted an inline solution with better efficacy and Avanan delievered."

Auto Dealer in California

Switched: July 2021

"Within the first week of trialing Avanan, they caught 250 phishing attacks that ATP missed. Made the switch easy.