On Thursday, January 27th, at 9:25 am, Avanan CEO Gil Friedrich will be sitting down with Tim Rohrbaugh, CISO for JetBlue, for a fireside conversation at CPX. The conversation will focus on the best practices for securing Office 365 and Teams.

Before Avanan, JetBlue's previous solution fared poorly on defending against phishing threats reaching the inbox. Far too many phishing emails were reaching the inbox, exposing his employees and the company to devasting attacks.

Further, JetBlue has long been an avid user of Microsoft Teams, using it in-flight, by customer service and other internal teams. Their previous solution had just limited protection around data loss in Teams. They needed a robust solution that did a better job of securing data and protecting against Teams.

In this chat, learn how Rohrbaugh and JetBlue turned to Avanan for robust protection of their email and collaboration environments, as well as the best practices for keeping your data and people safe from hackers. 

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