Avanan now offers archiving, allowing customers to store emails for a period of seven years, as well as filter through emails to find relevant ones and export them.

Why does this matter?

Now, you have the ability to easily and quickly save and find important data and information stored in emails. This aids in compliance, regulatory and litigation support and storage management. Plus, it ensures business continuity and aids in disaster recovery. It also allows you to prepare for possible litigations and act fast on unexpected ones. 

Emails in the archive can be filtered by various fields:

  • Time
  • Sender name and address
  • Recipients
  • Subject

The entire process is fully audited:


Exporting is simple, with the ability to export encrypted zip files with filtered EML files, as well as being able to do multiple downloads of up to 10GBs each



Additionally, Avanan's archiving feature allows you to import emails from one archive to Avanan's. 


We have seen customers of Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) that wanted to leave them because of their poor security performance, but couldn’t because they relied on their archiving. We even have customers that purchased Avanan but still kept their SEG just for archiving.

Building an archiving solution designed in the cloud from the ground-up is really what makes our solution feature-rich and more reliable than anything the legacy providers developed on their own. 

Now, the most complete email security solution just got more complete. 

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