Have you heard that fabled water-faucet analogy?

Many anti-phishing solutions tout that all phish can be stopped at their initial hop. Sounds good, right? Problem is, they can only stop what they see. (And even then, they don't always stop everything.) They can't stop any pre-existing phishing messages in your inbox, nor identify any account takeovers that are pumping phish from you to your business partners. (And isn't this why you reached out to the antiphishing provider in the first place?)

Can your email security vendor remove pre-existing threats? Can they take action against account takeovers?

With Avanan, you can inspect and manage outgoing email, giving you the damage control you need now. Plus, within minutes of installation, our domain-specific algorithm learns about your environment, quarantines existing threats and instantly identifies phishing, malware, data leakage and account compromise. 

Don't let the drip-drip of phishing past and present hurt your organization. Your email security solution needs to look forward and backward to keep you safe.  That's exactly what Avanan does.

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