Feeling lucky? With email security, you never want to leave things to chance. Just 16% of organizations have reported no security incidents related to phishing in the last 12 months, according to a survey of 130 cybersecurity professionals in mid-sized and large organizations conducted by Osterman Research. For the rest of the organizations surveyed, phishing and ransomware is a widespread problem, and many have limited tools to combat it.

In How to Reduce the Risk of Phishing and Ransomware, a whitepaper produced by Osterman Research, you'll learn how organizations view their security posture, including:

  • Organizational effectiveness against various threats
  • Most popular security incidents
  • The concerns keeping security teams up at night
  • The most-pressing ransomware concerns
  • The capabilities to handle different threats

Download the report and learn how Avanan can better prepare your organization to handle the vast landscape of threats.

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