If you work in the SOC and you're reading this, you know just how much of a pain it is to remediate or review emails. It takes time and energy you don't have.

If you're not in the SOC, these numbers should serve as a wake-up call.

  • One company spends 812 hours a year reviewing suspicious email reports from end-user. That's 33 full days. 
  • Another company spent 846 hours a year. That's 35 full days. 
  • A third organization spent 879 hours a year. That's 36 full days. 
  • A fourth company spends 2,500 hours a year. That's 104 full days. 


This is an unsustainable approach for SOC employees.

Consider the story of this large organization. Per month, while using Proofpoint, they reviewed an average of 651 end-user review requests. Their two SOC members could only get to about 60% of these requests. With Avanan, however, the number was reduced to just three reviews per month. That gave the engineering staff so much more time to spend on urgent issues across the entirety of their job description. 

Avanan employs a two-pronged approach to reducing phishing and alleviating your SOC workload:

  • Protect: Reduce suspicious emails hitting end-user inboxes
  • IRaaS: Manage end user responses

It starts with our patented protection, which scans emails after default security, Secure Email Gateways and Microsoft ATP, but before it reaches the user inbox, resulting in a better catch rate. That keeps phishing down to a minimum.

Beyond that, we've introduced Incident Response as a Service (IRaaS). With IRaaS, end-user requests to restore from quarantine or to mark as suspicious are routed to our team of experts. It's reviewed by our analysts within an SLA, usually in about five minutes, but in no more than 30 minutes. Our highly-trained experts, who are available around the clock, will either approve or deny the request. For malicious emails, our analysts will search and destroy similar emails, both current and future ones.

This is all integrated with the "Report Phishing" button in O365 or Gmail. At the end of the day, admins will receive a summary.

Today's phishing scams are overwhelming and relentless. It explains why 60% of SOC employees are considering leaving the job or changing careers altogether because of burnout.

Alleviate the burden and eliminate burnout. 

With Avanan, it's achievable.