Back when email was on-prem, Secure Email Gateways were the standard. They protected your email server, using a security stack designed specifically for on-prem email. This was effective.

But email is no longer on-prem. It's in the cloud. And gateways securing email at the perimeter is no longer tenable. With cloud email, what's required is a modern security architecture that's designed to block internal threats.

Further, SEGs require you to change your MX records, which is public knowledge. Essentially, anyone can look up your security. A hacker has the code to your alarm system.

When email moved to the cloud, SEGs were the proverbial square peg in a round hole. No matter how much they try, it just doesn't work.

We rounded up some of the key differentiators between Avanan's security and Secure Email Gateways, which you can see by downloading below.

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