Avanan has a radically unique approach to help CA Stage Agencies comply with the requirements in SIMM-5315A.

In short, we have a patented API-based approach that's placed Avanan as the top-ranked email security solution in Gartner's Peer Insights. Our ranking on this list is the result of our customer feedback, which includes several other California governmental organizations including the City & County of San Francisco.

Highlighted below are the key points to explain how we can help you meet the CA SIMM 5315-A requirements for your department.

Protection Capabilities

  • Avanan helps stop the advanced phishing attacks that others miss (i.e. ATP, Proofpoint and Mimecast)
  • DLP capabilities to detect and prevent/encrypt the sending of sensitive information

Detection Capabilities

  • Avanan is AI-powered. Our machine-based learning is tuned specifically to the attacks missed by Microsoft
  • Avanan's full suite protection detects O365 accounts that have been compromised
  • Our security also extends to OneDrive, SharePoint, and other cloud applications like Slack

Investigative Support Capabilities

  • Avanan has an easy to use "Search and Destroy" feature. This allows the operations team to look at email details to include email headers and bodies and quarantine if necessary
  • Our "Report as Phishing" capabilities integrates with your agency's existing reporting process

Containment Capabilities

  • The Avanan containment capabilities offer both the blocking of malicious emails from every reaching your user's inboxes and the ability to remove emails from inboxes after the fact
  • This is all part of the same license