At its peak in 2004, Blockbuster video had a whopping 9,094 stores across the country.

Today? Just one remains.

At its peak, MySpace had over 100 million users. Now, it’s more like eight million.

For years, Secure Email Gateways, or Legacy Email Gateways, were the only game in town for email security.

Now, according to Forrester, SEGs “are slowly becoming dinosaurs.”

By 2023, according to Gartner, “at least 40% of all organizations will use built-in protection capabilities from cloud email providers rather than a secure email gateway (SEG), up from 27% in 2020.”

By 2025, also according to Gartner, “20% of anti-phishing solutions will be delivered via API integration with the email platform, up from less than 5% today.”

The email security landscape is changing. SEGs like Mimecast and Proofpoint used to be the Blockbusters of the email world. Now, APIs, like Avanan, are gathering up market share. Indeed, it’s Avanan that has been named the fastest-growing email security company for two years running

When considering an email security solution, you have a question to answer.

Do you want to be Blockbuster or Netflix? Myspace or Facebook?

Do you want to have an SEG or an API solution like Avanan?

Don’t get stuck in the past. Choose the future, now.

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