We're lucky to have a ton of talented employees here at Avanan. One of them, Sr. Solutions Engineer Michael Hansen, has a wide variety of skills, including coding. And he used it to create a video game. Introducing the Go Phish! Email Security Game.

There are a number of modes of email security and it can sometimes be a bit confusing to decipher the differences. This fun game was created to showcase our method of doing email security, as well as the other options. Through it, we hope you gain a little bit of understanding of the different security options out there and how each one might affect your organization. 

We also realize this. In real life, email security isn't a game. As the number one cause of breaches, it's serious business. This game may be fun, but when it comes to your security, we take it seriously.

So play the game and learn a little bit, all while having fun. And if you're interested, we'd love to show you how our product works in real life.

Play Go Phish!