Avanan presented at this year's Forrester Security and Risk Global event, held virtually. 

We held a live chat with Michael Makstman, the CISO for the City and County of San Francisco. As CISO, Makstman is charged with protecting the City and County's 50 departments from all sorts of cyber attacks and the loss of valuable and sensitive citizen data.

To do so, Makstman has partnered with Avanan to protect their Microsoft 365 and G-Suite accounts across 50 departments, spanning multiple industries and varying regulatory requirements. 

The City and County needed a partner that could work with them for the long-term and adapt to a variety of challenges unique to each department. That partner was Avanan.

As Maktsman said at the event about Avanan, "We wanted someone who understands cloud and lives in the cloud. We were also looking for a partner that can bring more to the platform all the time. That value-add relationship, someone who is looking to innovate with us, is key to us." 

With Avanan, San Francisco has been able to upgrade DLP capabilities, stop phishing and work together to create custom policies that fit the city's unique challenges.

"We want real data, real insight," said Makstman. And what's what Avanan brings to the table."

For Makstman, Avanan is "on the journey of security with us. Plus, the core platform just works."

Take a look at the entire conversation:

Watch: Avanan and San Francisco

We also wrote a case study, detailing the full account of why the City and County chose Avanan as their security partner.

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