At the end of 2020, Forbes published an article about how AI is going to improve cybersecurity in the year to come

It’s a long list, with the predictions hitting on varying capabilities of AI. Some of it focused on the ability of AI to improve endpoint connections; another part focused on enhancing consumer experiences. The list is certainly worth reading in full.

All of those are great use cases for AI. One prediction, though, caught our eye.

“AI will prove itself a champion in 2021 by alleviating bandwidth for the security professionals who are working tirelessly to keep their companies secure. With the use of AI, companies can automate their protection processes against phishing, ransomware, account takeover and more. As the cybersecurity industry grapples with attracting new talent to meet the skills gap, AI can free up bandwidth for existing professionals to carry out employee training and other, more hands-on, security tasks.” 


What struck us about this statement was this: Avanan has been doing this for years.

Take a look at our suite of patents. We're the only company that has the ability to scan inline via API. Because of that, we're also able to instantly add the most sophisticated Indicators of Attacks to our AI, allowing us to stop the most pernicious attacks faster. We stop what the others miss—therefore we’re training our AI constantly on the most difficult and evasive attempts to get by email security. It’s why we’ve demonstrated being able to reduce phishing attacks reaching inboxes by 99.2%.

We’ve also been using AI and other tools to free up bandwidth for IT professionals. In February, we released research that found that chasing bad emails takes up 22.9% of the SOC’s time. With Avanan, using our cutting-edge AI, as well as our Incident Response as a Service program, customers are saving 5.3 hours per week on email security-related tasks. When combined with a 99.2% reduction in phishing emails reaching the inbox, you’re starting to see the power of Avanan's AI at work.

AI will, of course, continue to make cybersecurity better and it will continue to make Avanan’s cybersecurity better. 

For many companies, though, they’re just beginning to implement these AI tools. Avanan has been doing it since its inception.

It’s why we always implore people to ask: Can another company deliver a full set of capabilities TODAY that secure the entire suite like Avanan?

If the answer is no (which it likely will be), then you know what to do next.

Sometimes, the original is the best. 

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