Financial scams are the name of the game. After all, hackers are after your money first and foremost. 

Every end-user has seen some form of financial attack, so hackers have gotten quite creative in how they try to scam your business out of money. 

In this attack, which bypassed Microsoft ATP, a hacker sends a financial proposal. The twist? The spreadsheet on which the proposal lies is infected with macros.



Check Point’s analysis of the infected file shows it’s malicious, and a critical security risk. 

This is a very simple-seeming attack. It's a financial proposal that any business person might be interested in learning more about.

Behind the scenes, though, a malicious file is lurking to do damage. This Excel sheet would cause a lot more harm than missing out on a new client.

When you use Avanan, when you receive a business proposal, you know that it's legitimate and ready to be scrutinized on its merits.

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